Kojic Dipalmitate

Kojic Dipalmitate is the derivative of kojic acid , but it overcomes the unsuitability of the kojic acid. They  are much more stable than it’s counter part and have higher efficacy .It is considered the 2nd most effective whitening ingredients in the world   It has shown lesser side effects or no side effects at all than hydroquinone . Kojic acid is widely use around the world in numerous skin whitening agents, but kojic dipalmitate is more safer and effective than its counter part kojic acids. This is one of the ingredients that makes sophia speed whitening cream set the number one speed whitening cream for whitening the skin , reduce pigmentation and melasma.

Licorice root extract

Licorice root extract have numerous health benefits . They have also been proven to be effective in Skin whitening and reduction of melanin. In a search for active natural , tyrosinase inhibitors (active natural skin whitening agent). A  journal in “international Journal of molecular sciences called”The hunt for natural skin whitening”  , showed that licorice root extract contains flavonoids that reduces melanin generation. It has also been proven to reduce Itches/eczema in the skin . Hence combined with Kojic Dipalmitate has exhibited less side effects with effective skin whitening.


Alpha Arbutin are consider  the top 10 skin whitening and depigmentation agents. They are one of the most effective active natural , tyrosinase inhibitors. A study conducted by Faculty of Pharmacy, Université de Nantes stated, it to be effective and less cytotoxic than Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone due to its cytotoxic nature cause adverse and reversed effects , when used for prolonged period of time.


Uva ursl leaf extract or bearberry leaf extract is one of the most effective anti aging and dark spots lightening agents found in nature. I has been widely and safely used in many natural skin lightening products and anti aging product. It is rich in anti oxidant. Infact hydroquione the main stay of prescription medication for pigmentation and melasma , is synthetic extract of Bearberry leaf.

MITRACARPUS SCABER EXTRACT  have been used in traditional medicine and present day cosmetic for antimicrobial , skin whitening and anti aging. It is one of the most effective Natural skin whitening agent in the present day.